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I finally decided to start up one of these blog thingumabobs to share my journey to those who may be interested.  I guess I’ll start with a bit about myself.  I try to live my life with a rather naturally inclined mindset, albeit doing so in the very unnatural context of modern America.  There’s a whole mess of different ways I attempt to live naturally.

In terms of diet, I eat the diet our Paleolithic ancestors ate for roughly 2 million years prior to the Agricultural Revolution which occurred around 10 thousand years ago.  In other words, I don’t eat grains, dairy, or legumes (all of which became the caloric basis of humanity’s diet after the so-called “Revolution”), but do eat as many quality animals, vegetables, fruits, tubers, seafood, and nuts (well, I try not to go nuts on nuts, but it still happens sometimes) as I want and generally feel great as a result.  I would like to emphasis the ‘quality meats’ part for a second.  Nutritionally speaking, it is best to eat an animal that ate the food it evolved to eat– for cows this is grass or other wild, naturally occuring herbs found on pastures.  Eating a cow that was fed a lot of corn (as most of the beef you can buy at the store has been), which it didn’t evolve to consume, results in considerably lower quality meat than grass-fed and grass-finished beef.  I try to never buy conventionally-raised animal products because of the disgusting conditions that the poor animals were raised in, even aside from the fact the animals are fed incorrectly.

In addition, I try to keep my feet uncovered as much as I can, go outside as much as possible, practice a form of exercise known as MovNat— which goes along with my diet in that it attempts to replicate the movements our ancestors made regularly just to survive while we were living and evolving in the wild.  This includes everything from running, jumping, balancing, climbing, swimming, crawling, lifting, carrying, throwing, scrambling, etc.  I usually practice it in a natural environment, but often times if I don’t have that option I’ll just bearcrawl/crabwalk inside or improvise a natural workout in whatever way I can.

I try to keep a healthy social life and consider myself very fortunate to have the awesome friends and family that I do (seriously, without them I would literally be nothing).  The aspect of my social life that is unfortunately not in line with my ancestral mindset is my dating life, which is basically nonexistent (no shame for this guy) primarily because of my shyness towards girls that I’ve never really been able to shake ever since I was a young’n.  I attribute it to inexperience due to spending practically the entirety of my time in high school behind a computer screen chasing that level-up dragon as far as it would take me, which is absolutely nowhere… trust me on that one.

I do my best to live according to the circadian rhythm that dictated our ancestors’ bedtimes and daily life for a long, long time.  By that I mean I usually go to sleep not long after it gets dark and get up bright and early with the sun.  This is great during most of the year when I have to get up early for class anyway, but not so much when I try to go out with friends and have to fight to stay awake after 9:30p.m… but I digress, my life is pretty splendiferous.

As for the civilized part, well.. obviously being an American citizen I have to comply with the sometimes ridiculous regulations and limitations that entails.  For example, cars are convenient to get around and all, but mainly because we’ve essentially built our entire country based on the usage of them for transportation.  I really dislike driving, especially long distances and would prefer to just be able to bike/walk/run or at least take the train or another form of public transportation if I had the option to.  Another aspect of civilized society I’m not too keen on involves the food system.  Once you start eating naturally, you come to realize pretty quickly that it’s actually quite a challenge to get food at a restaurant that doesn’t have at least some unnatural component to it.  Although, there are a few Paleo restaurants that have opened at various locations, just not nearby myself yet.

I’m not completely against everything to do with modern living, however.  For example, I’ve always been a big listener of electronic music ever since I was a wee laddie, and can’t really imagine a life without it.  In fact, I recently attended the experience known as Camp Bisco, which was one of the most amazing and best times of my life thus far.  It’s also pretty sweet being able to order delicious, quality meats to my doorstep when I please and stuff like that.

Anyway, that’s about all I can muster for now.  I’ll leave you with what I consider to be a pretty cool video depicting the history America with a pretty badass soundtrack:

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