Beach bummin’ breakfast

I’ve got a longer post in the works, but I figured I’d toss up this picture of my breakfast this morning for those who might be wondering what I typically have. It consisted of three 4 oz. grass-fed bison burgers (which I bought from U.S. Wellness Meats) cooked in a bit of coconut oil with a whole bunch of spices along side a hefty serving of sauteed kale and Chinese broccoli leaves and some multicolored carrots which I found at the Portland Farmer’s Market this past Wednesday.

Click for huge

Most of the time I eat only two large meals everyday around the size of what I ate this morning.  The main reason I do this is because this way I spend less time preparing or just generally dealing with food which gives me more time to do other fun things.  I simply wait until I actually feel hungry again, which is usually about 4-5 hours later depending on the size of the meal.  That probably seems like a long time to some people but the main reason I’m able to eat so infrequently is due primarily to the form I’m getting my calories in.

Y’see (THEOO! RUDYY!), when you eat ‘primal’ or ‘paleo’ or ‘ancestrally,’ however you want to call it, generally most of your calories come from fat rather than carbohydrates.  Conversely, when the majority of the calories in your meal come from carbohydrates resulting in a blood-sugar spike, you end up burning that sugar for energy.  However, after 2-3 hours go by and your blood-sugar crashes, your body starts craving more carbs for energy instead of just switching to stored body fat that we all have (some of us more than others, lol). When you eat a high-fat diet, lower-carb diet you don’t generate the blood-sugar spike and instead use the fat you’ve just eaten for energy.  Essentially, your body switches from burning fat you’ve just eaten to burning stored body fat a heck of a lot more smoothly than from sugar to body fat.

I used to feel like a slave to food with the constant blood-sugar swings keeping me snacking all through-out the day for most of my life before I started eating paleo.  Most of the time I’d wake up every morning really hungry and felt obligated to make breakfast almost immediately.  Now I can eat a high-fat meal for dinner and not be hungry until 1 or 2 p.m. the following day no problem.

Okay, this post ended up being way longer than I had intended.  It’s shaping up to be a prime day to beach-bum it down the road at Crescent Beach State Park and I’m not one to miss out an opportunity like that, no sirree-bob.

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