MovNat Certification Workshop Adventure

Alright guys, I figured some of you might want to get the inside scoop on my experience attending the MovNat certification workshop in Winchester, MA.  I’m currently sitting in my hotel awaiting the arrival of some of the other attendees who are bunking with me for the next few nights.  There’s basically nothing fun to walk to around my hotel so I figured this might be a good time to write some words.  I figured I’ll just keep adding to and editing this same post so stay tuned for periodic updates, assuming I have the time and energy to do so.  This is going to be kind of a play-by-play post where I just write about things I remember and deem worthy.  I’ll have a follow-up post once it’s all said and done that should be more in depth.

Of the dudes sharing my hotel I’m the only one night flying in from some faraway land.  One guy’s coming from Munich, Germany, another from Indiana and the other I believe lives in D.C.  I thought that was kinda interesting considering they’re going to hold certification workshops at various locations around the globe and would probably be somewhere closer to their locations.  However, I think the main reason people felt obligated to fly in has to do with the fact that this is the last 4 day cert. workshop there will be… EVER! After that they will all be 2.5 day workshops and will lack the following cool things according to MovNat’s website:

The first 7 Certifications are the only events which will be 4 whole days, as we will be moving to a 2.5 day format starting in September. These first 7 events are quite the opportunity, as they provide the following special benefits:

  1. 4 Days of practical work with the MovNat Team Instructors. We will have more Team members at these events than any future workshops. This, along with the extra time, will really help with the mastery of the material and skills.
  2. Attendees of these first 7 events receive 40% off of a future 5 day, 7 day, or specialty workshop in 2012 and 2013.
  3. Attendees of these first 7 events receive one year of free enrollment in the MovNat Partner Program (a $600 value.)
  4. Attendees of these first 7 events can attend any Power & Grace 2-day workshops for free.
  5. Attendees of these first 7 events will have the honor of being the first 144 MovNat Certified Trainers in the world!

So basically there’s quite a few perks to attending one of these limited 4 day ‘shops.  The main reason I wanted to get it done now was so that I could potentially start training people up at Orono for my last year up there.  I was also considering starting some type of club oriented around moving natural in… nature.

I guess the workshop is being held at a crossfit gym called Mountain Strength CrossFit. I scouted out the area on Google Maps and it looks like there’s a couple parks very close to it so I’m hoping we’ll get to play in those a good amount and won’t just be in the gym the whole time.  I prefer being outdoors in almost every situation, especially ones where lots of movement is involved with nice weather like it looks like we’ll have.

Looks like one of the dudes just landed is attempting to find a bus to get to Woburn, which is the city of the hotel I’m currently in.  We’re going to go forage for food somewhere, as I’m in dire need of fruits and veggies.  I had a delicious dinner of wayyy too much pemmican, a can of sardines, a banana, and an apple I got from the hotel dining room, but one thing I’ve learned is that I can literally never eat too much.  I’m srsly, I eat and eat and eat and can’t really figure out where it goes.. I’ve never seen myself weigh more than 150 lbs. even after multiple feasts.  Maybe I just sweat it out from all that movement? The world may never know.

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