Feed Me

I thought I’d share what I had for breakfast this morning for those who’re interested.


I fried up a little more than half a pound of 65% lean grass-fed ground beef which is also 5% beef heart and 5% beef liver courtesy of U.S. Wellness Meats with some turmeric, Celtic sea salt, ground black pepper, and dried Italian herb blend.  The ground beef is only about $4.50/lb if you order enough of them to get the 15% discount like I do, the only catch is it’s labeled “Pet Burger” because the USDA or the FDA.. I can’t remember which doesn’t allow meat fattier than 75% to be marketed to humans because that would be far too logical.  It’s processed and everything the same way as all of their ground meat which I confirmed with them via e-mail to be sure I wouldn’t get food poisoning if I ate it.  So if you order it be prepared to take shit from your friends for eating ‘dog food’.. the jokes on them though because you’re eating super healthy food at a damn good price while they are just being ignorant noobs mocking your good fortune of discovering such a nutritional goldmine.

Anyway, I placed the fried beef on top of a bed of a raw salad mix and then sauteed some spinach in a couple tablespoons of coconut oil.  I sliced a few slices of Kerrygold Dubliner cheese (which is also grass-fed of course) and placed them on top to melt.  I also had a small bowl of blueberries and raspberries.  I should mention that I also had a bit more than a half-teaspoon of a mixture of fermented cod-liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil courtesy of Green Pasture which is probably the single most important supplement you can find. It contains ample vitamin A, D, and K2 which are all essential for many bodily functions but are also some of the most commonly deficient nutrients for people in our modern society.  You can read more about it at www.westonaprice.org though it appears to be down right now.  A quick gist of is that people traditionally went to significant lengths to acquire and consume foods which contain these vitamins like organ meats, bone broths, seafood, etc. because they learned the importance of including these foods as part of their regular diet in order to maintain good health.  Unfortunately very few people in modern society eat these foods regularly enough to meet their bodily needs which results in a wide range of health problems.

Tl;dr – eat like this, feel strong like bull.

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