Ground Movement

I made a little video of me doing various ground movements which help with mobility, flexibility, and things like that.  Humans used to (and many still do) live and operate on the ground  A LOT.  In modernized societies, however, this isn’t really the case after about the age of 5 for most people.  Chairs are a relatively recent addition to humanity, and unfortunately our frequent use of them leads to quite a few bodily problems; namely tight hips, weak back and abdominal muscles, etc.  I learned most of them during the MovNat workshop I took last year but don’t practice them nearly as often as I should.  Attempting to name and describe the movements would be difficult and kinda pointless, especially since I made the video.  Obviously, there are many more ways to move on the ground but for the sake of keeping the video somewhat short I figured these would suffice for now.

For some reason the video is showing up squished on here, so watch it at YouTube for non-squished viewing.

When practicing any of these movements always remember to keep good posture (don’t slouch), breathe deeply and comfortably, and just generally try to be as mindful of your body as possible.  Watching this video has shown me that I definitely slouch a bit more than I should, but hey everybody needs to improve in some way, right?

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