Short MovNat Combo Video

I made another video of a MovNat combo workout. Don’t worry, this one is super short compared with the last one and is also a bit more entertaining to watch in my opinion. I was rocking the blaze-orange headband for equal parts fashion and protection from hunters if any happen to be about.

You can’t see it in the frame, but at the beginning I went over and under a couple of fallen trees right before the video starts as part of the circuit. Unfortunately the camera’s battery died right before I could shoot the last part of the circuit, but it was just getting down from the branch I was climbing on and then walking over to the part from the beginning. I repeated this circuit a few times until I was sufficiently beat. I did manage to perform an elbow swing popup during one lap, but unfortunately didn’t capture it on video.

Oh, and the music is called Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires by Emancipator.

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