MovNat Combo “Shuffle Job”

For your viewing pleasure and (hopefully) movement inspiration I made another video of a combo workout I did in my backyard this afternoon. It’s a combo I saw over at in Erwan Le Corre’s (the founder of MovNat) 4-week MovNat program he did a while back. Obviously, he deserves all the credit for masterminding this combo and for that matter MovNat, so kudos, Erwan!

I wanted to share this mainly because it requires very little planning and minimal equipment. All you need is a 2×4 about 10 feet long or so, a smaller 2×4 or a flat and relatively small rock like I had, and an appropriately sized rock to hold. If you’re attempting this without much MovNat experience I definitely recommend trying it without a rock first, and then start with a light rock until you feel comfortable with a bigger one. Ideally, it would be best to go through the entire 4-week program over at since the fourth week combos aren’t supposed to be attempted before mastering each skill individually from the previous weeks.

The full 4-week program can be found here:

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