Tarzan MovNat

I threw together this video this morning of me moving on and around a couple of large fallen trees in the woods. I hadn’t attempted this ‘route’ or whatever you want to call it prior to shooting this morning, so there’s a couple points where I pause to think about which way I want to go but I fast-forwarded a bit to keep the pace steady. I think this is one of my favorite MovNat videos so far, especially combined with the rad music by Gramatik who I finally became acquainted with this weekend at Camp Bisco. I’m still floating on cloud 9 after such a fun weekend, and you can kind of see that in me during this video, especially right after the blooper πŸ™‚

Making this video and watching it after strongly reminded me of the Disney movie Tarzan which I used to be slightly obsessed with when I was a wee lad… It’s interesting how your childhood dreams can manifest into your adult reality sometimes.

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