Bringing Home the Bacon

My good friend Matt helped me make a video the other day where I incorporate an atlatl a.k.a. spear-thrower into a MovNat combo. He filmed and edited the whole thing with the exception of the music which I selected. I think he did a great job 🙂 The video quality is a million times better than my others because he has a good camera which he graciously used to make this, so feel free to change the quality to ‘720p’ if you want.

You’ve probably already watched the video if you’re reading this so if you’re wondering what the heck I’m doing I’ll give you the run-down. Basically I’m simulating hunting with an atlatl. I start at the edge of a field, climb into a tree to get a better vantage point until I ‘see’ a ‘boar’, then climb down from the tree (making way more noise/motion than I should but since I wasn’t actually hunting anything I let it slide), pick up my atlatl and dart, stalk toward the ‘boar’ until I get within range, throw the dart at the ‘boar’ (in this case a log), run over to the ‘boar’ (log), simulate performing a killing blow, and finally shoulder the ‘boar’ and walk back to my dwelling (or repeat this a few times for a solid workout).  It took me a bit to climb up and down the tree because there was a lot of foliage and apparently there was a vine growing up and on it, too..

If this interests you then I encourage you to check out the Maine Primitive Skills School’s website and YouTube channel (where the atlatl was made and where I’m currently enrolled in an apprenticeship) and MovNat’s website and YouTube channel.  We’re going to be running some Movement classes at the MPSS in the near future which will incoporate MovNat, Yoga, and other natural movement skills and methods so stay tuned!

The song is called Killer’s Waltz and it’s by Thievery Corporation; a super-awesome group of musicians.

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