Bringing Home the Bacon

My good friend Matt helped me make a video the other day where I incorporate an atlatl a.k.a. spear-thrower into a MovNat combo. He filmed and edited the whole thing with the exception of the music which I selected. I think he did a great job πŸ™‚ The video quality is a million times better than my others because he has a good camera which he graciously used to make this, so feel free to change the quality to ‘720p’ if you want.

You’ve probably already watched the video if you’re reading this so if you’re wondering what the heck I’m doing I’ll give you the run-down. Basically I’m simulating hunting with an atlatl. I start at the edge of a field, climb into a tree to get a better vantage point until I ‘see’ a ‘boar’, then climb down from the tree (making way more noise/motion than I should but since I wasn’t actually hunting anything I let it slide), pick up my atlatl and dart, stalk toward the ‘boar’ until I get within range, throw the dart at the ‘boar’ (in this case a log), run over to the ‘boar’ (log), simulate performing a killing blow, and finally shoulder the ‘boar’ and walk back to my dwelling (or repeat this a few times for a solid workout). Β It took me a bit to climb up and down the tree because there was a lot of foliage and apparently there was a vine growing up and on it, too..

If this interests you then I encourage you to check out the Maine Primitive Skills School’s website and YouTube channel (where the atlatl was made and where I’m currently enrolled in an apprenticeship) and MovNat’s website and YouTube channel. Β We’re going to be running some Movement classes at the MPSS in the near future which will incoporate MovNat, Yoga, and other natural movement skills and methods so stay tuned!

The song is called Killer’s Waltz and it’s by Thievery Corporation; a super-awesome group of musicians.

Beach MovNat

I made a little video of my MovNat combo this morning. As you can see from the video, I started by climbing up a rock face, jumped down and rolled upon hitting the ground into a decently fast sprint. I then ran into the water where I shallow-dove and swam a bit out and then back in (there were a lot of large rocks which I almost tripped over coming out of the water.. MovNat mistake: always check your workout area prior to moving to avoid dangerous obstacles). Next I ran up the beach to a rock which I picked up and chest-carried it while balancing on a log with a couple split squats thrown in. After that I dead lifted the log and side-shuffled it a few feet out and then back a couple times. Following that I bear-crawled and crab-walked down to the rock face before standing up and climbing it again to repeat the combo. I did that a few times until I felt satisfied.

Afterwards I sat on the empty beach for a few minutes to rest and just appreciate being able to play around in such a cool little place. One thing I’ve been learning lately, especially during my time at the Maine Primitive Skills School, is that it’s important to express gratitude when it’s appropriate to do so; that just makes the whole experience more fulfilling and usually helps to solidify the memories a bit deeper so that lessons can be more effectively retained.

I haven’t been doing combo workouts much lately since I’ve been too busy with my apprenticeship up at the Primitive School, but I happened to be home for the weekend since my little cousin’s wedding was on Saturday. That was actually the first wedding I remember going to (apparently I went to one when I was like 4?). It was awesome seeing my cousin and her new husband get married; they’re definitely quite in love and I’m super happy for them πŸ™‚ Love is something I’ve often felt is largely missing from my life, with the exception of that which I receive from my amazing friends and family of course πŸ˜‰ But seeing such powerful loving energy from my cousin and her hubby first hand really hit home the fact that I’ve largely been missing that in my life.. It’s undoubtedly partly my fault since I’m mostly really bad at showing affection, though that may have to do with my upbringing since my family hasn’t been the most affectionate (hugs were a rarity for sure). Well, my dad wasn’t against giving hugs and telling me and my bro he loved us, but my mom was raised from a rather… proper family where such behavior wasn’t really encouraged to say the least.. BUT ALAS, I’m optimistic and know that my time will come! Not necessarily marriage per se, but who knows what the Universe has in store? I’m continually surprised and impressed by its unfolding πŸ™‚

Anywayyy tomorrow there’s a “Neanderthal Gymnastics” class and I’m not entirely sure what that will entail, but it sounds right up my alley πŸ™‚ And Wednesday a Native Awareness 5 day class is starting which I’m stoked for. I’ve already taken it once and it blew my mind. I can’t wait to go through that stuff again and hopefully experience some new things, too. I’ll try to post regularly for this class so that people can have an understanding of what it’s about. Suffice it to say that’s it’s awesome and enlightening for now, though. πŸ™‚

Tarzan MovNat

I threw together this video this morning of me moving on and around a couple of large fallen trees in the woods. I hadn’t attempted this ‘route’ or whatever you want to call it prior to shooting this morning, so there’s a couple points where I pause to think about which way I want to go but I fast-forwarded a bit to keep the pace steady. I think this is one of my favorite MovNat videos so far, especially combined with the rad music by Gramatik who I finally became acquainted with this weekend at Camp Bisco. I’m still floating on cloud 9 after such a fun weekend, and you can kind of see that in me during this video, especially right after the blooper πŸ™‚

Making this video and watching it after strongly reminded me of the Disney movie Tarzan which I used to be slightly obsessed with when I was a wee lad… It’s interesting how your childhood dreams can manifest into your adult reality sometimes.

MovNat Combo “Shuffle Job”

For your viewing pleasure and (hopefully) movement inspiration I made another video of a combo workout I did in my backyard this afternoon. It’s a combo I saw over at in Erwan Le Corre’s (the founder of MovNat) 4-week MovNat program he did a while back. Obviously, he deserves all the credit for masterminding this combo and for that matter MovNat, so kudos, Erwan!

I wanted to share this mainly because it requires very little planning and minimal equipment. All you need is a 2×4 about 10 feet long or so, a smaller 2×4 or a flat and relatively small rock like I had, and an appropriately sized rock to hold. If you’re attempting this without much MovNat experience I definitely recommend trying it without a rock first, and then start with a light rock until you feel comfortable with a bigger one. Ideally, it would be best to go through the entire 4-week program over at since the fourth week combos aren’t supposed to be attempted before mastering each skill individually from the previous weeks.

The full 4-week program can be found here:

Short MovNat Combo Video

I made another video of a MovNat combo workout. Don’t worry, this one is super short compared with the last one and is also a bit more entertaining to watch in my opinion. I was rocking the blaze-orange headband for equal parts fashion and protection from hunters if any happen to be about.

You can’t see it in the frame, but at the beginning I went over and under a couple of fallen trees right before the video starts as part of the circuit. Unfortunately the camera’s battery died right before I could shoot the last part of the circuit, but it was just getting down from the branch I was climbing on and then walking over to the part from the beginning. I repeated this circuit a few times until I was sufficiently beat. I did manage to perform an elbow swing popup during one lap, but unfortunately didn’t capture it on video.

Oh, and the music is called Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires by Emancipator.